Truett cathy was the founder of Chick-fil-A in the United States of America. He was a Godly man, successful in business and HUMBLE servant of Jesus Christ. he loved the poor, was a generous philantropist and cared deeply for the needy, using his life and works to benefit many.

This was a man who helped thousands of homeless people, and improved the lives of tousands of disadvantaged kids. He continued to do this even after turning a billionaire CEO and yet still taught at Sunday School.

As Nigerians, we can learn a lesson from Truett. There are 774 local Government areas in our country. Each local Government area has at least one (and in some cases many) successful person. If each person could ramp up his/her community in a viable and sustainable manner (not hand outs and patronage). If each successful person spent time studying how the Truetts of this world did it, and learns models where wealth can be deployed in a socially sustainable way, Nigeria will be totally transformed in a generation.