Daniel Joshua, a 31 year old man from Taraba State recently refunded two months worth of his allowances from the Government N-Power Volunteer program. This is because he had obtained a permanent job at the Central Bank in Benin, and was to be paid. He felt it wrong to collect payments from the two places. Hear him

“My pastor once told me that whatever weakens the conscience weakens the authority. And because i have always tried to avoid anything that will weaken my conscience, taking the decision to refund the money was not a problem. Although i didn’t have any money in my account at the time, the orientation from my bosses in my new employment about transparency, integrity and accountability also helped me quickly decide on the right path to take in the matter,’’ 

This is an act of integrity worth celebrating. In addition, five unnamed Nigerians on hearing about Daniel’s action were so elated they sent him financial gifts estimated at 300,000 naira. The take away from this is that there are in place Nigerians who deeply desire to see and encourage a new nation. People who value integrity. Nation builders at heart, who are ready to put out their resources to advance the cause. Actions like these though seemingly unpopular, remind us that a new thing is happening.

Good thing Acting President Yemi Osinbajo heard about Daniel Joshua and tweeted about it! Encouraging good behavior from the top. Nigeria is being transformed!