When a person points a finger at others, three point back at him. Everyone knows this. However reading Nigerian newspapers and blogs, it is amazing to see the astounding number of people who fingerpoint at the Government without considering the individuals role in nation building. It seems Government bashing is the in-thing. Every single issue is “the fault of the Government.”  On the other hand, holding citizens accountable seems rather unpopular. Who litters the streets daily? Who reports late to work? pays bribes? Who subverts law and order on a daily basis?

Sure Government has a responsibility of which it must be held accountable to. However, one needs to remember that Government is simply CITIZENS IN LEADERSHIP. If they were not well behaved as citizens, will they become different as leaders?

Its high time the trend shifts to one where the general focus is on making the average Nigerian a better person, a disciplined citizen, someone who holds himself accountable to the standards he seeks in Government. Do this for a generation and two things will happen, firstly, it will be difficult to elect bad leaders, secondly, future leaders will generally do better because they have practiced good behavior in private. The result will be a better Nigeria for all.