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Inspired individuals build great families, Great families build lovely communities, lovely communities build great nations. NATION ADVANCE provides a place for individuals to obtain inspiration and share skills needed to build beautiful families,communities and great nations. This is the Hub for Nation ADVANCERS! Effective nation advancers practice good values. They love their communities and nations, they apply nation building principles first to their private lives which spills out to their public lives.They live what they preach, they display good character and virtues and most importantly, Nation Advancers are solution providers.It is good to identify the problems in a society and even better to find the solutions. You are a NATION ADVANCER. If you love to actively participate in the building your community or nation, This is the place for you. Read our articles and blogs,listen to our audios and watch the videos, develop skills and make contributions.

Rome was not destroyed in a day by Simon Kolawole

Sadiq Daba, the actor, ran into some serious health issues recently. He cried out for financial help to undergo foreign treatment. Pronto, Nigerians reacted overwhelmingly. But wait. I did not hear anybody talk about Daba’s religion or ethnic group. The... Continue Reading →

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The best of our civil responsibilites

The article below was gotten from a WhatsApp group and ddoesn't it just resonate with what can make our nation a great place to be? Please read and as we always say, BE RESPONSIBLE: Voting is a civil right all... Continue Reading →

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Building Block by Block by Temitope Ajayi

People must  know in building a society it is one block after another block. It doesn't happen like thunder lightning anywhere. You achieve one success here and you move to another one. That is how progressive societies are built. The... Continue Reading →

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The Spirit of Lagos that Nigeria needs by Simon Kolawole

"You know elections are close when politicians begin to confess their love for Nigeria. Suddenly strange bedfellows are walking side-by-side, arms locked, lovey-dovey. Arch rivals and sworn enemies are dining and planning and plotting and plotting and planning. Politicians who... Continue Reading →

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It’s “our” responsibility

We thought to share an interesting, motivating text written to a journalist(of one of the renown online papers) by a nation builder. Please read: Dear Sir, "Time has come for someone to champion the message of national reorientation. I believe... Continue Reading →

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Change the narrative

"One week, one trouble" is the title of a teen's novel written in the early seventies by a certain Nigerian author.  How apt these words maybe - if juxtaposed with the daily and weekly challenges of our nation - when we... Continue Reading →

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THINK! Be responsible…

You've worked in the civil service for twenty years and been recently appointed a permanent secretary or a Director OR Your friend, father, mother, family or church member has recently been appointed the Head of Service, Commissioner in the State,a... Continue Reading →

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Inspirational words…

Social media is a wonderful place. It can be used for great harm, especially in the circulation of falsehood. However Social media is also a tool to circulate inspirational messages. Some times these messages come with the words COPIED#.  The... Continue Reading →

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Government Does Not Have the Solution- Bobby Udoh

In our effort to see a developed Nigeria, we have for too long searched for the answers in our political leadership. Though the role of Government is important in nation-building, the shift in our thinking will indicate that the solution... Continue Reading →

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