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Rome was not destroyed in a day by Simon Kolawole

Sadiq Daba, the actor, ran into some serious health issues recently. He cried out for financial help to undergo foreign treatment. Pronto, Nigerians reacted overwhelmingly. But wait. I did not hear anybody talk about Daba’s religion or ethnic group. The... Continue Reading →

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Government Does Not Have the Solution- Bobby Udoh

In our effort to see a developed Nigeria, we have for too long searched for the answers in our political leadership. Though the role of Government is important in nation-building, the shift in our thinking will indicate that the solution... Continue Reading →

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Inspiring read for nation advancers

I read an inspiring story of an Educator, Chris Van der Merwe - who has successfully managed 110 schools on 47 school campuses- which I'm sharing here: What I learned from Dr. Merwe's story: A nation builder looks for problems and... Continue Reading →

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Excerpts from the Vice President’s speech.

... Speaking against the backdrop of the agitation for the restructuring of Nigeria, Osinbajo said when there was rampant corruption that crippled Nigeria to what it is today “how many Christian leaders stood up to complain”, insisting that no nation... Continue Reading →

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When God worked…

God WORKED ( ...and on the seventh day he ended all his WORK*). If a holy and perfect God worked, then work must be a perfect and holy thing to do. What is work? The English dictionary defines work as activity... Continue Reading →

Not yet great!!!

A nation achieves greatness through BUILDING and not through BOASTING... It was quite intriguing to hear our dear Vice President at a public function a few weeks ago describe Nigeria as one of the greatest nations in the world. One... Continue Reading →

Making Nigeria into a sheep nation

The bible speaks about nations being separated into sheep and goats. The sheep on the right, the goat on the left. The sheep represent the successful people groups while the goats represent those who've failed to meet to God’s standards. What are characteristics of sheep? Meek, humble, obedient, disciplined, modest, yet very same intelligent and very productive. Stories abound of shepherds who will die for their sheep. On the other hand goats are stubborn, aggressive, arrogant, belligerent. They are intelligent, but rebellious and lacking discipline.

URGENT: Moral and attitudinal “infrastructure”needed

Development experts agree that investment into physical infrastructure is one of the biggest contributors to the development of any nation. In Nigeria infrastructure development, has fallen drastically behind due to years of mismanagement. Huge investment is needed just to catch up on the basics. We need roads, water, electricity, airports, bridges, pipelines and other forms of physical infrastructure. However, there is a more important type of infrastructure we need. This is best termed the “moral and attitudinal infrastructure.” For any nation to develop and sustain development, it must have in place solid moral and attitude standards.

My Vision for Africa

Mayen Ekong writes on her vision for Africa

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