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Overcoming the weaponization of information in Nigeria

Truth mixed with lies can be very damaging. A little leaven leavens the whole lump. The devil is the father of lies, but He is crafty. He knows if he brings us 100% lies, we will easily recognize the lie,... Continue Reading →


A true Nation builder prays for leadership

Political affiliation is one of the greatest distractions towards the development of a nation. Party members tend to get so stuck in their campaigns, they cannot go beyond an election. Nigeria needs citizens who can go beyond elections. There is... Continue Reading →

When God worked…

God WORKED ( ...and on the seventh day he ended all his WORK*). If a holy and perfect God worked, then work must be a perfect and holy thing to do. What is work? The English dictionary defines work as activity... Continue Reading →

Making Nigeria into a sheep nation

The bible speaks about nations being separated into sheep and goats. The sheep on the right, the goat on the left. The sheep represent the successful people groups while the goats represent those who've failed to meet to God’s standards. What are characteristics of sheep? Meek, humble, obedient, disciplined, modest, yet very same intelligent and very productive. Stories abound of shepherds who will die for their sheep. On the other hand goats are stubborn, aggressive, arrogant, belligerent. They are intelligent, but rebellious and lacking discipline.

Punch Newspaper: Prayer, fast not enough to move Nigeria forward, says Osinbajo

The Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, on Wednesday, said no amount of prayer and fast by Nigerians could move the nation forward without hard work.

A battle of dynasties

This ancient biblical experience is similar to the current situation is Nigeria. There is evidently a collision between a small minority who represent a new value system versus an old value system. Its beyond persons or personalities. Its more of battles of value systems.

Balancing out an “ugly” nation….

Nigeria is an Ugly nation !!! Google images of Nigeria and you will see the pictures that emerge. God did not make the nation ugly. he gave the nation lovely hills, mountains, trees, lands, fields, forests etc. The nation has been made ugly by the people who have lived in it.

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