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Words on marble

"The Vice President also called on a new tribe of Nigerians to move the country forward. He said, “To build a new Nigeria, we need a new tribe. A tribe of men and women of all faiths, tribes, and ethnicities,... Continue Reading →

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Investors in death

A nations development can only go as far as the value systems of its people. Third world nations have majority of citizens daily living out third world values. Developed countries have majority of citizens daily living out developed values. This... Continue Reading →

Corruption, corruption where is thy sting?

More quotes from a speech delivered by Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba at the seminar, entitled The role of the legislature in the fight against corruption in Nigeria, organised by the anti-corruption committees of the Senate and House of Representatives in Abuja,... Continue Reading →

Food for though: finger pointing

When a person points a finger at others, three point back at him. Everyone knows this. However reading Nigerian newspapers and blogs, it is amazing to see the astounding number of people who fingerpoint at the Government without considering the... Continue Reading →

Calling for a “solution revolution” among Nigerians.

Have you noticed that we celebrate paper qualifications above actual solutions? A person with a first class PHD is highly celebrated, but a person with a solution may not be recognized especially if he lacks high qualifications?

How to develop a village

The nation consists of thousands of villages. Majority of people originate from a village or live in a village. There are practical things that can be done by churches, groups of individuals or businesses to bring development to communities. Here... Continue Reading →

Lessons From The Reopened Abuja Airport – ISWB

Now that our faith in our country – Nigeria – seems to be at its nadir, when it has become fashionable to hear some of us declare that they have given up on her, that they no longer....believe in her destiny, I think the reopening of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, offers us good reasons to re-examine such cynicism, and lessons worth considering about the potential for her renaissance.

Where is the private sector?

Nigeria is battling with the fight against corruption and journeying towards a new nation building value system, however it will be noticed that the private sector has remained largely silent. Perhaps there have been pockets of voices here and there, but there is so far there is an evident lack of coordinated and strong voices from this sector.

Punch Newspaper: Prayer, fast not enough to move Nigeria forward, says Osinbajo

The Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, on Wednesday, said no amount of prayer and fast by Nigerians could move the nation forward without hard work.

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